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Employed For Good                               وظيفة دائمة


If you learn a methold to produce a permanent stream of income working for yourself would you use it for emplyment?  


If yes, Here is a simple technology that enables you to produce tolns of organic vegetables from a space smaler than your bedroom for a fraction of normal cost.  You need little or no money to begin. Your stream of income will begin 30 - 60 days after your start.


When employed manceive pay at the end of the month. You'd often try to please your employer to keep your job.  Everyday you'd go home pondering whether this job will last.  If you are like many you spend lot of effort to please your employer and what you can do more to keep it.  


Over the months or probably years you'd wait eagerly to be promoted.  You'd always struggle to get a raise. You are likely to top all that with night worries about co-workers jealousy, back stabbing and plotting to climb on your shoulders or to elbow you out.  


Worry no more!


Here is a way to secure the income you desire without any of the worries. You give yourself the promotion you want when you want it. You decide how much raise you need and when to get it.  What's more you'd enjoy your life close to family without ever worrying about finding yourself out of job.  


It is a simple and easy technology you can begin applying now.  With little or no money you can set up your simple but effective operation.  Using the easy to do Aeroponics / Hydroponics to grow vegetables and berries you'd begin receiving your first income within 60.  Your income will never stop after that.  You'd schedule growing so that you harvest and sell every week for a regular income stream.  


In an area as small as your bedroom you can produce higher income than many salaries. In a big enough area you can produce more than any salary.  The secret to this seemingly unbelievable feat is your ability to use the vertical space.  You no longer need vast farms to prosper.


Aeroponics and Hydroponics technologies grow vegetables and berries vertically.  Usic plastic containers and no soild these technologies allow you tos stack up 100 plants or more in the place of one.  Your income would multiply according to the height of plant stacks you are willing to go.  


It is simple and quite inexepensive in area with mild weather like the Middle East, Africa and many parts or Asia and the rest of the would.  In these areas you need not spend on building sofisticated greenhouse structures.  You'll save the high cost of winter heating.  Your use of water is limited to less than ten percent of water used in field growing.  There is no monyey spent on plowing, tilling, weed, herbisides or insectisides.  




So, if this is possible for you why not be possible for your friends and neighbor.  Indeed why not be possible for your whole countrymen and women.  Thus, why not be possible for all jobless anywhere in the whole world.  


Nothing stops you or anyone from using this simple technology.  Man, woman, young and old can learn how to use it and live in dignity. The needed equipment to make a good start is few plastic containers and a small space anywhere you can find it.


The containers you can buy or get free from restaurants and painters.  The space can be your backyard, your roof, the south wall of your friends' building.  You can rent it or use an abandoned lot.


Do not allow you inertia, doubts or procrastination stop you from making immediate start.  My in this world are doing it why not you! For discovering what others are doing please (click Gallery)   


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