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This Website Is Under Development.  We Appreciate Feedback

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About Us

The founders of this website researched the food growing technologies known as Hydroponics and Aeroponics.  The designs in this website use the technologies to increase production  many times by expanding upward.  Men and women, young and old can use these designs to produce massive amounts of food faster, cheaper and easier than traditional ways of agriculture. 


Using either one of the two technologies the designs make It quite simple to grow 100 plants or more in the space normally used by one plant.  No fertile land is needed and no large spaces are necessary.  You no longer need to be a big land owner to be a big producer


Just gather few plastic containers, follow the simple steps as explained here and start enjoying fresh vegetables and berries 30 to 60 days later.  We urge you to take advantage of these designs to supplement your income, to replace your job, to run a profitable business or to enjoy fresh organic fruits and berries.  Above all we encourage you to help others use the designs and benefit from the technology


It is time for good people to join effort to end hunger and terminate poverty. Many people in the developed world have been benefiting from this revolutionary technology for many years. There is nothing mysterious or too technical to stop people in the the thirld world from using it.  Everyone on earth can begin putting few plastic containers to his or her immediate benefit.  Anyone can use the technology to change his or her life to better.


Pictures and illustrations are a universal language that may be sufficient to guide many people. But word description is sometimes needed.  We, for now, offer necessary description in both Arabic and English languages. We hope to offer it soon in Urdu, Persian, French Spanish and Swahili. We invite all individuals who are well versed in these or other languages to help translate this site.  Let's make the information available to all people in all countries


Take part in this campaign!  Begin with few containers to provide your family fresh organic vegetable and herbs.  Take part by showing others how to use the technology for fun, for better health, for easier living or for achieving prosperity.   


Take part by investing or showing investors how to receive high return on a very safe investment. As an investor you need not lift a finger to benefit from this revolution.  You and other investors can partner with able hands and enjoy the financial profits as well as the pleasure of feeling well for doing good


Start NOW by showing friends, relatives, and neighbors how to use the technology.  Better yet, Buy few plastic containers and seedlings and help a needy family begin its own small project.   No other help, charity, or investment can come alive in front of you like this one.  


Your help soon materializes before your eyes. You'll see it in the form of plush green vegetables and suckling delicious berries. You'll watch it in children's smiles, you'll see it in adults’ happy faces and, hopefuully, soon you'll observe it in your prosperous community   

If you know of a better deed than helping others feed themselves for ever please let us know. If you are aware of a superior help to giving the poor their dignity back please inform us. 

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