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You may double the nuber of your growing containers by providing Cinder Block support for the top 4 containers as in the picture



1- Cover a box with opaque plastic sheet


2- Cross Stack Boxes as shown in picture to the right 


3- Bend wire to anchor seedling bag


4- Make small slits in the plastic


5- Hang seedlings to box sides


6- Fill container with nutrients up to cover 2-3 cm of the bottom of the seedling bag


Most leafy greens and herbs need 4-5 Liters of water to reach harvesting.  If you have eight plants and 40 liters in your container you may not need to replinish the nutrients before you harvest.


If you think your bottom box may bend under weight, tie the two long sides at the middle with a thin wire or rope to prevent sides buckling


50 cmx 30cm x30cm= 45 Liter 

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