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Greenhouse Subdivision C 14-9-19 For Wix

Green house 10' x 48'

Includes 25 Grow Towers

Each tower grows 220 Plants

This makes 5500 Plants per month.  

Tower grows your choice of Herbs and Leafy greens:   

Estimated monthly Income per unit (depending where you sel) $10,000 to $ 15,000

The Unit Comes with One Ebb & Flow system.  It Propoduces Seedlings from seeds and from cuttings

Estimated Moonthly Expense of Owner /operator is 40 Cents per head, iincluding 20 Cents Per Head for leasing the unit

Investor / Lessor: Buys the unit for $60,000 and leases it to an operator.  Investor / Owner  Receives  20 Cents rent per Plant .  6000 plants monthly bring $1,200 in rent.  Considering most plants occupy the unit 26 - 34  days, production averages one plant per month.  Return to investor in 12 months will equal $14,400.  This is a rater of return equals 24% 

Lot size Per Greenhouse :  20' x 80'  = 1600 SF.  Add one central road of  20' x 20' =400 sf 

One Acre should accomodate 20 units

The Unit is equipped  with Geothermal Heating & Coolling by circulating  air, 5' below  surface. 

300 Watt Solar panel keeps a bank of four  12V batteries constantly charged for power needs

Floors and roads are 4" Pads of 3/4" gravel over 3" stome  supported by a layer of Geotextile Fabric

One Well and septic  bathroom serves the subdivision operators

If Water is not available locaclly, a water well to be dug



This plan can be implemented anywhere in the world.  I imagine it can be an effective way to create jobs and defeat poverty.  If applied systematically at a large scale, the arrangement can switch a whole country from a vegitable importer into an exporter.   

The two main parties that are needed to make it work are:​​

  1. Investors who like to Earn 24% Annual Return 

  2. Lessees / Operatos who desire to Earn $100,000 to $150,000 annualy.


Because of the ease of operating a unit, and the phenominaly high return for investorsts, the arrangement is ideal for a fimily business.  In fact it is ideal for anyone who desires to end own his/her joblessness for ever.  It is ideal as well for communities to get togather and make collective operrations that can provide them with healthy affordable food or to bring them prosperity.  Thisis especially true for the poor communities communities.


This Business can be applied, practically in all US  Cities and suburbs.  It also suits application in the rest of the world where investors and all other parties are locally available

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