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If it pleases you to bring a smile to a child's face, get involved.  If it comforts you to save an old person from desperation, get involved.  If it delights you to seen your community prosper, get involved.  If it cheers you to bring full employment to your countrymen and women, get involved.  If it elates you to see your country on par with rich nations, get involved.


Get involved by partnering with us in this campaign. Get involved by offering your expertise to further the lofty goal of ending poverty in the world.  Get involved by teaching fellow humans to feed themselves and regain their digniy. 


Charity begins at home.  Set up today few growing containers to provide your family with fresh herbs, healthy vegetables and sweet berries. Give your family first chance 

to enjoy free, delicious and organic produce. This is a good start.  This way you'd practice the  technology and gain confidence in your ability to teach others.  Next step would be to show friends, neighbors, co-workers and all those whom you know.  You'd be their good example of how they too can put the technology to their own advantage. By this noble act you'd likely give the highest form of charity




Contact us to join effort in this benevolent campaign


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