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How to Share In the World Of Plenty


Plenty for you, Plenty for me, Plenty for all people. This plenty is now accessible to everyone who desires to get his fair share from it

Plenty comes from a technology that produces tons of food from a small area in a simple and sustainable way.  It is a revolution that ends poverty.  No one after this ought to live in less than prosperity


Plastic containers with little water and many plants stacked vertically in a small area.  This produces tons of vegetables and strawberries.  No, it is not magic, but a  simple way that young and old can learn and use anywhere on earth or in the space.


Yes, it is the way astronauts use in the space station VERA.  By this method they get their needs of fresh vegetables.  It is this same method that provides the capitals and cities of the west with vegetables produced in office buildings, in warehouses, on high rise walls and on roof tops. 


You now can use it in a simplified way that needs no electricity as their methods.  Begin with this easy to use method to provide your family with fresh vegetables and delicious strawberries.   After you reap the fruits begin your profitable project in the size you like


So, if plastic containers are able to produce unlimited times more than fertile land should anyone hesitate to learn the method and follow it?  The process is enjoyable in addition to being profitable.


It is a proven technology that has been in use for many decades. It is simple and easy.  All you need to do is to fill pots with water then add some sea salt as organic fertilizer and harvest 45-60 days after planting seedlings.


You can begin by stacking containers up to get 100 plants in one square foot.  Of course you can do several of those productive towers in an area not bigger than your bedroom.  This effort will feed your family all the fresh vegetables it can eat.  It will give you extra produce to sell in all seasons


If you do not begin benefiting from this good, can you blame anyone other than yourself?


On my part I’ll feel extremely guilty committing unforgivable sin if I withhold this information from those who need it.  Teaching others how to use this technology embodies the old wisdom “give me a fish you’d feed me today, teach me how to fish you feed me forever”


This technology is sustainable and can feed all people forever.

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Now that you and I can learn it, why not do so and begin teaching others immediately?   Better yet, if we provide them with containers and hold their hands to help them start.   

We first help friends and neighbors then the needy in our area until we reach the millions in refugees’ camps.  Everything we need to start is available locally anywhere in the world.  For few dollars and some of our time we can put families on the road to self-satisfaction


We can lift many from the abject poverty.  Indeed we can help many others to live in dignity.  At that time we’ll enjoy seeing them prosper.  At that time we’ll be ecstatic for the valuable help we gave to our brothers in humanity.


You ought to become partner in this noble effort.  You ought to see yourself in the light of “O ye who believe! Fear Allah, and let every soul look to what (provision) He has sent forth for the morrow

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