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This Must Change


Recent visit to few cities in the Middle East illustrate the chronic crisis in the third world countries.  AE, a friend who returned to Chicago recently showed the urgency to overcome the universal crisis.


Wherever you go you stumble into the unemployed. Their hardship tells them apart.  In the streets you see men with faces erupting anger; their drooping shoulders groan heavy burden; their jerky movements animate their edgy demeanor. You see as many women embodying the affliction of lost income. Their hollow looks reflect lasting despair; their frowns give out unmistakable sorrow; their voiceless speech simply breaks your heart


If you enter coffees during business hours you see what makes your head spin. The places brim with idle young men and women.  Mostly college graduates huddling around tables, some sit, others stand, more lean against walls. They all bemoan joblessness. Their words burst with rage loathing times and rupturing curses on everything and everyone. AE portrayed


When AE took a cab the driver broadcasted in one breath how desperate conditions are in the whole country.  In the privacy of his hotel room AE frantically searched in a pile of newspapers seeking a glimpse of hope.  Rather, the frivolous headlines multiplied his disdain. They reiterated what he deplored in the other Arab cities.


The country battles with colossal problems. The 40% Unemployment rate paralyses the economy; the enormous national debt consumes most of the GNP as debt service.  No money is left for public services or for creating new jobs.  Borrowing more drives the country into a deeper sinkhole. Seeking foreign aid surrenders the last shred of independence.  


Gazing at AE’s rattling body my thoughts were racing ahead of his agitated gestures.  “If all the jobless knew about Aeroponics they’d be busy producing”.  They’d be providing for their families and enjoying the jobs they created for themselves.  The thought helped me regain poise. I recalled my visit to Epcot Center in Disney World.  The center demonstrated how Aeroponics food technology produces 100 time the usual vegetable yield in shorter time, for less cost, in a small space with less than 10%  of the water.


Remembering my research that confirmed all this I interrupted AE yelling: Eureka!  We have a solution.  All jobless can get busy producing to help themselves and help their countries.  I shared with AE my Epcot experience and my research findings. I asserted my view:  Aeroponics offers a quick and practical way out to all third world countries. 


I elaborated how this revolutionary technology is available to everyone.  Everyone can learn the skills it needs; everyone has or can secure the little investment it requires; everyone can produce 100 times the usual yield of a year. The simple technology spares the traditional ground tilling, weeding, fertilizing and fighting insects. It reduces the food growing process into few plastic containers and few practical steps that the young and the old can do.


I reminded AE that rich countries became rich only after they mobilized their men and women into agricultural production.  They struggled enduring the traditional farming difficulties while others languished.  Their hard work fed them and produced more for export.  Export brought them necessary funds to industrialize.


Today, the new technology offers a gift from God to the lagging poor.  It cuts time, spares effort eliminates need for fertile land overcomes lack of rivers and lakes.  If the people in the US, China, Italy, Spain, Holland and Turkey - to name few - are utilizing the simple, easily-attainable technology at a large scale, why not people of the third world countries!  Nothing stands in their way except lack of proper information.


AE and I agreed he’d visit the 928 square feet Aeroponics vertical garden in Chicago O’Hair airport.  If he cannot visit in person he’d visit on the internet.  He'd also gather few plastic containers and a small fish thank pump to setup his own Aeroponics garden.  AE would show his lettuce, radishes, cucumbers and strawberries to friends and encourage them to copy his experience.


We, in turn with complete our research and produce this website.  Hence www.100xyield was born.  Hope it will help you take action. 


We’ll prepare a presentation about the Aeroponics technology and call for a meeting to discuss furthering the project.   We’ll invite friends and concerned individuals who like to further this solution. The meeting will brainstorm for ways and means to help many people in the shortest time possible. It will identify men and women with managerial skills, and with related expertise including communication, website building, graphic design and other related fields.


We’ll send invitations before February 2nd for a meeting tentatively set for February 15th Please let us know if you f this project meets your interest please let us know if you are able to attend.   be part of this good.  Help us advance this unselfish campaign. Work with us to spread this noble charitable task.  It is gratifying in many ways.  “That who leads to the good receives as much reward as that does the good”.  This worthy act helps people live in dignity and invokes God’s blessings.   


The meeting is set tentatively for 6 PM, February 5th at Aqsa School.  Coffee and Arabic sweets will be served                                             

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