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 ارشد اللاجئين كيف ينتجوا طعامهم بانفسهم

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Show Refugees How to Produce Their Own Food

Refugees need not depend on handouts.  Nor do they need to live on compromised food quality.They can use simple technology to produce their own healthy food next to their tents.  They can even produce extra food to bring needed cash.


The basis of our suggested technology is the well-known Hydroponics.  But Hydroponics as people know it requires the use of electricity to run pumps and timers. What we are introducing here is a Hydroponics method that uses no electricity and simple designs to produce 100 times or more than the unusual cultivation. 


Using these designs you can grow 100 plants or more in the place of one.  A space equals the size of your bedroom can produce as much as an acre,  all while saving you 90% of the water, 100% of the plowing, 100% of the weeding, and 100% of the pest control


Since refugees likely to have no means to see this website, direct instruction would be necessary. This is where you probably can help.     


You’d learn the process then introduce it to someone who can reach refugees.  You can introduce the technology and the designs to organizations or charities that assist refugees.  Charities should be in a better position to introduce the technology and to offer the equipment that people need to start. Of course, you can use direct contacts, email, skype, face book or other means to relate what you know.


This technology is not limited to producing one kind of food.  You can grow potatoes and all other root vegetables.  You can grow lettuce, spinach and all green leaf plants. It is well suited for all kinds of herbs.  Growing strawberries is as easy as growing lettuce.

Of course, you can first use the technology yourself and feed your family fresh delicious vegetables and berries. 


Your use of the process will make you an expert qualified to explain the technology and suggest the right designs with some authority.  Additionally, your application will bring out your creativity to help people adapt to their local conditions. Some adaptation would be necessary to suit the available containers, the obtainable fertilizers, seeds and seedlings’ growing medium as well as weather conditions


You can start immediately with few containers to provide your family within 30 days, with tasty radishes (Cherry Bell kind) in 22 days, lettuce in 35 days, strawberries in 45 days and so on.  Detailed information is available on

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