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Show Refugees How To Feed Themselves

Show Refugees How to Feed Themselves

Refugees need not depend on handouts. Nor do they need to live on compromised food quality They can use simple technology to produce their own quality food next to their tents. They can even produce for extra cash to replace their lost income.

But it is likely refugees have no access to computers and internet to learn this technology. Instead, direct lessons and first hand illustrations should be used. This is where you can help. You can play an important role teaching this technology.

You’d learn the process then introduce it to whom you know by email, skype, face book or other means of communication. Better yet, you can teach it to someone able to visit with the refugees’ camps and hold live demonstrations. You can communicate the technology to some of the Charities you may have contact with. Charities should be in better position to introduce the technology and to offer the equipment people need to start.

The technology is a simple process that enables you to stack up many plants in a space normally used by one plant. The result would be producing amounts of vegetables and berries equal to the number of the plants you stacked up. There is no limit to expand upward except your ability to protect against wind force. Since you can make simple structure to provide the needed protection it is possible for you to produce tons of marketable vegetables in a space the size of a tent.

What’s more, the plants you grow will use less than 10% of the normally used water. Since the plants grow in empty containers hanging in air or in pots half full of water there is no plowing or tilling. And by using no soil there is no weeds or soil diseases to battle with.

This technology is not limited to one kind of food. You can grow potatoes and all root vegetables. You can grow lettuce, spinach and all green leaf plants. It is well suited for all kinds of herbs. Growing strawberries is as easy as growing lettuce.

Of course, you can first use the technology yourself and feed your family fresh delicious vegetables.

Your use of the process will make you an expert qualified to explain the technology with some authority. Additionally, your application will bring out your creativity to help others adapt with their surrounding conditions.

You’d teach them how to use whatever containers available for them. You’d also advise them how to protect their plants from severe weather and how start plants from seeds.

You can start immediately and begin enjoying delicious lettuce in 30 days, tasty radishes (Cherry Bell kind) in 21 days and so on. Detailed information is available on

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