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How To End Your Charity budget Deficit For Good 

If you run a Private school, a religious institution or a charity of any kind you likely rely on fundraising to cover deficit in your annual budget.  You may find it hard to always meet you goals. 


A simple technology offers you an opportunity for a permanent solution. The technology puts your solution right on your institution's roof, in its backyard, in an abandoned lot or in a leased warehouse. 


In any of these spaces you can run a highly productive and highly profitable business.  You’d produce vegetables and berries many times more than you’d produce in similar area of fertile ground. 


Your produce will be high quality and organic that brings more $$$ than usual.  What’s more, one hired individual can run your whole operation and keep the cash spigot open every day of the year.  Annual income of $100,000 from 500 to 1000 square feet is attainable.  Your initial one time investment varies substantially.  The lowest of all can be less than $10,000 if you are using your own outdoor spapace and the help of some handy volunteers.  It is much higher if you use indoor space due to cost of grow lights and the more expensive racks.  


Several designs in this website show you how to achieve this seemingly unbelievable feat. The secret is in using the vertical space and utilizing every day of the year. You’d grow the plants in plastic containers without soil using Aeroponics or Hydroponics technologies


The containers allow you to stack plants up vertically and grow many plants in the space nrmally used by one. This is the secret of producing so much from a small space.  Several designs in this site help you achieve that


Do not be intimidated by the high tech sounding names or by what you may read about the invested millions of dollars.  The designs we introduce here have simplified the process for the use by individuals in the Middle East, Africa and other developing countries. 


In order for you to gain knowledge and confidence in the process begin with a small home garden.  Let your family enjoy the fresh, tasty greens, herbs and strawberries. 


Tending your home garden gives you the confidence the Know-How beffore you you begin your charity project.  For your specific charitable project we offer you free advice.  Feel free to email us your question 

This Website Is Under Development.  We Appreciate Feedback


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